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Landscaping Services Offered

Landscape Technologies list of services

Landscape Technologies offers a full line of landscape maintenance, new landscape projects, and complete landscape renovation services. We have a highly trained and qualified team, with over 20 years combined experience. We focus on building trust, providing quality, and sharing our experience to create unique landscape projects based on your needs and ideas.

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List of Services:

  • Complete Lawn Care
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Design Installation Enhancements
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Irrigation System Maintenance and Repairs
  • Special Water Features
  • Fencing
  • Retaining Walls / Paver Patios
  • Fall and Spring Clean-up
  • Winterizations
  • Low-voltage Lighting



Complete Lawn Care – Weekly mowing, edging, and string trimming; fertilization, pruning, hedging, weed removal, thatching and edging are just a few of the basic landscape and lawn care services that we offer. Back to top

Sprinkler Systems – Turning your sprinkler system on can often require special tools and skills. Different back-flow devices may require special start-up procedures.  Improper operation of these devices can result in damaging your system, and costly repairs.  At Landscape Technologies, we are able to properly install and adjust your sprinkler system and help minimize water run-off and prevent unsightly dry patches. Back to top

Design Installation and Enhancements – Landscape design can be tricky; we are able to provide a variety of design options depending on your personal style and location. When designing a landscape project, it’s important to consider soil and exposure, plant material growth rate and size at maturity, surface drainage, creating an appealing long lasting outdoor space.  With the incorporation of just a few small elements, we can revitalize the appearance and functionality of your entire landscape. Back to top

Drip Irrigation – With rising concerns for the environment, our drip irrigation system is designed to help save your water supply. By placing emitters where they are needed, we are able to maximize the efficiency of your drip irrigation system. Back to top

Irrigation Installation – There is no substitute for quality – period!  Our irrigation systems are made with the highest quality products, produced by proven manufacturers.  We are able to install a simple timed irrigation system or a state-of-the-art moisture sensing system; as well as, revitalize your existing irrigation framework by exchanging old equipment and materials for new. Back to top

Irrigation System Repairs and Maintenance – An irrigation system is like a machine with many different moving parts.  To keep your irrigation system operating smoothly and efficiently, components occasionally need repair or replacement.  We have experience, and the ability to provide irrigation system repairs and regular maintenance. Back to top

Special Water Features – Our special water features can create a peaceful, calming ambiance to your landscape.  We offer the highest quality, lowest maintenance water features available. Back to top

Fencing – We artfully craft our fences to suit your specific needs.  We offer fencing such as vinyl, cedar or chain link. Whichever you choose, durability, quality and style is essential in our fences. Back to top

Retaining Walls / Paver Patios – We are certified by the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) to construct retaining walls and patios. An improperly installed patio or retaining wall can not only be unsightly in appearance, but can cause extensive damage to your landscape and home and are extremely expensive to repair. Constructing retaining walls and patios requires skill, patience, and expertise. At Landscape Technologies, we are certified and experienced in creating retaining walls and patios for the improvement of a grade change, to add dimension and character to your landscape, correct un-proportioned lines, and to give a certain beauty and flow to your landscape. Even with the thousands of styles, colors and patterns to choose from, we are able to create a one of a kind design that matches your specific preference. Back to top

Fall and spring cleanups – Appearance is everything!  It is important that your living landscape has everything it needs to live a long healthy life.  Proper horticulture techniques are essential, and at Landscape Technologies, we will help you with all of your spring and fall cleaning to help make sure that your landscape is able to weather through each season and stay beautiful rain or shine. Back to top

Winterizations – Also known as “blow-outs,” winterizing your home and landscape needs to be done with special care and attention. Ask us about our winterization capabilities when it’s time to get your landscape ready for winter. Back to top

Low voltage lighting – A well designed low-voltage lighting system will shed a whole new light on your landscape!  Weather you are illuminating a path or casting a shadow of your favorite tree or shrub, there is never a dull result. Back to top

Our Dedicated Team Working for You!

Landscape Technologies is able to provide these services because of the committed employees who are ready to work for you! Our team has years of experience and continuous training in order to always deliver the highest level of quality with the finest products available. We are your Treasure Valley landscape specialists, and we’re here for you!

Landscape Technologies serves Boise, Meridian, Eagle and the surrounding Treasure Valley, ID (Idaho).
From lawn mowing and landscape maintenance to sprinkler systems, landscape winterization and irrigation system installation,
Landscape Technologies is able to care for your landscape. Call us for an estimate for your next lawn and landscape project.